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Nestled in the heart of Denver, Hilltop is one of Denver’s best neighborhoods and is cherished for its blend of historic and modern architecture, serene parks, and community-centric lifestyle. This prestigious area, known for its tranquil, tree-lined streets and well-kept gardens, is a testament to its residents’ commitment to maintaining an aesthetic that mirrors the architectural elegance of their homes. Amidst this backdrop of suburban grace, Outdoor Design Colorado, led by Bruce Wilhelm, a second-generation Denver native with deep roots in the Hilltop community, emerges as a beacon for transformative landscaping and outdoor living spaces.

Bruce has a genuine connection to the Hilltop neighborhood and with Outdoor Design Colorado as allies wants to enhance the community’s outdoor spaces. Having grown up in Denver and with a rich history in the local landscape and tree care industry through his family business, Wilhelm Tree and Lawn Care, Bruce brings a personal touch to his work. His journey from taking over the family business in 1977 to founding Outdoor Design Colorado with Arturo Gonzalez, a masterful Latino landscape craftsman, underscores a lifelong commitment to beautifying Denver’s landscapes. Their mission is clear: to convert mundane yards into captivating Livingscapes™ that foster family enjoyment and community gathering.


HILLTOP: One of Denver’s BEST Neighborhoods

Outdoor Design Colorado’s focus on Hilltop, featuring special deals in partnership with Stroll Magazine, signifies a tailored approach to meet the neighborhood’s unique landscaping needs. Bruce’s enthusiasm about reconnecting with the community and his promise of bespoke Livingscapes™ invite Hilltop residents to envision their outdoor spaces as extensions of their homes—places where memories are made, and friendships flourish. The invitation for a free Livingscape Conversation and Evaluation offers an accessible pathway for residents to explore the potential of their outdoor environments, ensuring that each landscape transformation aligns with the aesthetic and functional desires of its homeowners.

In conclusion, Bruce Wilhelm and Outdoor Design Colorado stand ready to infuse Hilltop, one of Denver’s best neighborhoods with vibrancy and life, reinforcing the neighborhood’s status as one of Denver’s most desirable places to live. With a deep appreciation for the area’s architectural charm and a commitment to creating inviting outdoor living areas, Outdoor Design Colorado is poised to enhance the Hilltop lifestyle through innovative landscaping solutions that echo the community’s values of beauty, family, and togetherness.

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