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The Winski Story

Mark and Nancy Winski moved into their home four years ago. The inside of their home had been remodeled but the landscape was dated, unattractive, awkward and not very functional.  They ask us to help determine what to do to make the front entrance more appealing and to create a beautiful space out of their dining area to allow for outdoor dining, cooking and entertaining. Based on their comments, we think we succeeded.


Reimagining the front entry was fairly straightforward. We wanted to get the walk away from the house and give it some character and interest. We selected pavers for the path creating dimension and a walkway a definite sense of purpose for arriving guests. Adding the right plant material, other landscape elements, and lighting finished capturing the look and experience that Nancy wanted.

I was embarrassed to bring people to the house before we had are landscape re-done. Now I'm proud of the way our entry looks and I enjoy having outdoor space where we can entertain friends and neighbors.
Nancy Winski

The back patio was a little bit more of a challenge. Space was constrained to the area between the house and the property dividing wall. We were able to capture enough extra space by expanding the patio slightly to the rear. Finding an area for the BBQ was creatively solved by creating a small cooking area off the patio and adjacent to the house. Finally, space was enhanced by crafting a natural stone seat wall and entry stairs adjacent to the backyard. Lighting was added as a to make the area appealing at night.


Both Mark and Nancy were happy with the speed and quality of the construction. In any renovation surprises can happen, in their case, two separate patios were discovered under the existing deck requiring a little more demo time. Taling with the Winskis several years after installation they remain pleased with the quality of our work and are enjoying the experience of the new plantings maturing.

I would give the crew, on a scale of 1 to 10, about a 9.9. And, the investment was well worthwhile.

Mark Winski

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Livability Guarantee


You will be living with your landscape for many years. From our perspective, it needs to work right. That means that things like the rainwater needs to drain properly, steps are comfortable, and that there's enough room on your patio to comfortably use your table and chairs. Bottom line, we pay attention to all the little details. And, we promise, we won't let you make a mistake.

When planning our new front entry I had my own ideas about design. Nick firmly talked me out of them. In the end, I was so glad he did.

Mark Winski

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